Wednesday, 24 April 2013


In our last english lesson we had a class discussion on poetry, how and why we use it. The result of the discussion was that poetry is used for more open ended or emotional stories, and is often for expressing shorter stories. However, with shorter stories and less text, the vocabulary and structure of a poem can be questioned more.
I like poetry because of its simplicity but complexity at the same time. I think it is a good way of expressing stories in a more emotional or memorable maner. Poetry can be more open minded, with multiple meanings often found in one piece. It can often be read faster and more easily. When written correctly a poem can have a longer lasting impression than a prose story.
I don't think of myself as a poet, although I do attempt poetry sometimes, and still enjoy the challenge of conjuring a good poem from time to time. I prefer prose myself.

I think I can keep up with the lessons on poetry, and create good poems. So far I have found several things that I already knew about poetry and storytelling, along with new aspects that I have found easy enough to pick up and understand.

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