Sunday, 21 April 2013


The things that come to mind when I think of 'nature' are often related to trees or rivers, although there are other aspects. When I lived in Hong Kong, we lived in a house on the sea, with a boat anchored not far off. The bay was outlined with a handful of mountains and hills, the more prominent one in my memory being 'Puppy Dog's Nose', the tallest of the lot. On a good weekend my family would take my dogs on the gritty hike to the peak of that mountain. The dogs could be let off their leads and allowed to roam the hilltops, and they would never be far from our heels, as the gentle stroll became a steep climb, but the view was very rewarding. Beaches and coves, stretches of sea on one side and more greenery on the other. Although Hong Kong was smoggy and polluted the air up there was crisp and clear.

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