Sunday, 24 February 2013

What is the what: progress

Progress on what is the what.
So far I am finding what is the what a bit confusing, and hard to focus on. I find myself skimming through some parts and do not think that I am really catching on to the plot most of the time. The last I read was up to the very beginning of book two, and I haven't really picked up the book since about a week ago. Before that I was constantly reading a little a night and although I was falling often behind slightly I found myself able to keep up with most of the class' discussions on the book.
For me it's hard to determine a specific aspect of the book that I enjoy the most, but I do know that I mostly tune out a bit when reading when the book is constantly changing perspectives and when the story jumps from present to past. I often find myself having to just stop reading and think for a bit, or rest my mind and let it catch up with the book.
Despite all this I am often fine with reading more challenging books and think of myself as a relatively strong reader, although this book appears to be one of the exceptions. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that lately I have began to read less and less, last year I would read either every or every second night in bed, however this year my reading habits seem to have changed.

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