Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Books, books and more books

So, today in english class we took a brief trip to the library and we were given the opportunity to take out some books for the upcoming two week holiday.
The books that i've checked out are:
• The Drowned Cities
• Naughts and Crosses
• Ultraviolet
And i'm currently reading:
• Alex Rider: Ark Angel
From home.

The Drowned Cities-
I chose to take out this book because me and some friends read the first book in the series last year - Shipbreaker - and I quite enjoyed it. I've been waiting for this next book since I finished the first sometime last year. It was pointed out to me so I thought I should read it.
I've barely started yet, i'm about a page or two in (I was reading Ultraviolet in class) but if it's as good as the first book in the series the it was worth checking out, in my opinion. At the moment there isn't anything that makes me particularly want to read on but, then again, theres nothing that makes me want to stop, so i'll keep reading it over the holidays and see how it goes.

Naughts and Crosses-
This book was recommended by a friend, and is the prequel to the next book by the author (Checkmate). After reading the blurb I decided I may as well read on, which I haven't yet, but I will do so over the holidays. Another friend read this book as well and didn't seem to think too highly of it, so it will be interesting.

After reading the simple blurb - "Once upon a time there was a special girl, this is not her story. Unless you count the part where I killed her" - I decided I must read on, it sounded pretty intriguing. This book was also recommended by a friend. This was the first book I started reading, and although it isn't written extremely well i'm still enjoying it, at about ten pages in.

Alex Rider: Ark Angel-
Although I think the Alex Rider series is slightly repetitive I still enjoy reading the books, although I am currently reading the series backwards. Either that or at random (At random is probably the better way of defining it). However, I still find the books easy enough to follow and the adventures interesting enough. Alex Rider books always manage to draw me in after the first chapter, and i'm glad of that because if you read certain chapters by themselves you can often get bored quite easily (Yes, it has those moments). Having said this I still enjoy reading the Alex Rider series and look forward to reading the rest in the future. Here's the list of the books I have read so far:
• Stormbreaker (Graphic novel and snippets of novel)
• Point Blanc (Graphic novel and snippets of novel)
Not Skeleton Key
• Eagle Strike (Novel only)
• Scorpia (Three quarters of novel)
• Ark Angel (Reading now)
• Snakehead (Novel only)
Not Crocodile Tears
Not Scorpia Rising

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