Sunday, 9 September 2012


This class has been enjoyable so far, and i've learnt quite a bit about setting up blogs, and continue to mess with the settings and templates available to make my blog aesthetically pleasing. I've also grown more experienced in blog posting (sounds easy, it's not); you have to decide upon the style of writing you will use, what theme/model your blog will follow, what you would like to write about, etcetera etcetera.
Why have I deemed this "class" enjoyable, you may ask, because I get to write most of the time. I love writing, wether academics related or not, and this class allows me to do just that. Having said that I enjoy both academic and free writing, I definitely prefer the second option, so the one thing that I would change if I had my way would be to dedicate more (if not all) time to write whatever we want. Stories. Journal entries. Whatever, just more time to sit down in a corner, open up a fresh word document and let your fingertips tap away.

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  1. Hi Rogan,

    It is nice to "hear" your voice. You have been so quiet (that is totally okay) that I never know what you are thinking. This is why I love the blogs, it gives me a chance to see into your brain, so to speak.

    I am glad to hear that you like to write. We will be doing lots of that. Feel free to write blog posts about what you feel is worth sharing at anytime.

    In the meantime, how do you think we can help you speak up a bit more and share in class as well?