Monday, 10 September 2012

New blog

It has been created, my new blog. I call it "smouldrfume" (shut up that's a good name), I have absolutely no idea why. Basically this site's purpose it to provide me with a blog where I can write whatever I feel like (mostly short stories) and post for everyone to read. I set it up Sunday night and without any posts it has already passed 30+ pageviews, so I have high hopes. If you'd like to check it out the link is here:
Help my child grow and share this link with others, thanks.


  1. I am confused, why the second blog? The link doesn't work by the way.

    Thanks for speaking up today in class. Looking forward to seeing more in class and online.

    1. The second blog is more of my own blog made for stories and stories only (and probably some photos and movies in the near future). If the link doesn't work you can always copy and paste it - I need more viewers :P. Also it would be great if you could leave some comments for me every now and then, i'm hoping to upload around two stories a week.